About Us

Young Explorers is dedicated to young children and their families. It is our mission to establish and operate a quality childcare center that provides young children with challenging and rewarding early childhood experiences.

happy familyOur indoor “Exploratorium” features “special enrichment” centers and activities that “enhance” children learning and inspire their imaginations. This unique space allows children to develop their creativity as they interactively explore the “Young Explorers World” we have created.
We believe that a child’s environment is an essential component in their learning. Thus, we are very attentive to the kinds of spaces that we create for children. It is our goal to create a world of learning: a place filled with books and blocks, where children can discover with computers and kaleidoscopes, and where smiles, hugs and laughter are abundant.
In our classrooms you will find children experiencing and experimenting as they discover the joy and wonder of learning. We invite you into our world to learn more about the opportunities we offer each child.